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Doctor Saurabh Mathur is a renowned surgeon who is currently handling the Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service departments at the Jeevan Rekha Critical Care & Trauma Hospital in Jaipur. Dr.Mathur has vast experience in his domain and prior to joining the Jeevan Rekha Critical Care & Trauma Hospital he was working in Singapore and pursued fellowship training in Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine and shoulder surgery. He has worked in Centers of Excellence with world renowned Specialists in the field and is using his experience and skills to provide a high class service at Jeevan Rekha Critical Care & Trauma Hospital, Jaipur. He even has had various fellowships and trainings en route to achieve what all he has today.

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Knee Arthoscopy

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Ligament Rconstruction

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

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Shoulder Reconstruction

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Articular Cartilage Repair

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